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Welcome to the website of Antico Casale di Lisycon,
the Bío-farmhouse for people who do not like the modern and the artificial.

  • Situated on the Nebrodi green mountains of Sicily, 4 miles from the sea, the “Antico Casale di Lisycon" offers a typical and natural hospitality. The colonial houses have been rebuilt respecting the originality of their components and materials, surrounded by a forest formed by orange, hazel-nut, chestnut and olive trees.
  • Hundred of years old spring water, the pure fragrance and peace of the uncontaminated nature are essential elements to spend an autentic holiday with a certain ancient taste.
  • Flocks of sheep, horses, wild pigs, eagles, porcupines and foxes that occur in the eyes of the curious hiker, with all their charm. Below, expanses of gardens of oranges, lemons and tangerines coloring the country-side with a shining gold color.

Uncontaminated nature.
Expanded of wild violets, cyclamen and other wild plants. 
Enjoy moments of relax with us.

The hospitality of this area welcomes visitors involving emotions that seems lost in the time.
If you then try to choose to stay in any farm house like the Antico Casale di Lisycon, which is close to a small village not far from the sea and beaches located in front of the Aeolian Islands, traditions, foods and old recipes will only cheer up the most distracted tourist.

The smell of bread baked in wood-burning oven, the aroma of freshly drawn wine from centenary barrels, the smell of fresh fish cooked on the embers, cakes and homemade jams, gently make you dream Sicily in the past.
Stay in rooms furnished with antique furniture, from the windows that protrude on pergolas of gellsomini fragrant recalls the nineteenth-century Sicily.

If all this is added at reasonable prices, added to peace and unspoilt nature is more than positive.
The countrysides in this area are rich sources of crystal clear water, natural lakes, where ecotourism finds a right dimension.

At nights a song of crickets induces sleep while nocturnal birds recalls with their love songs.
sleep while on the mountains the night birds launch their calls of love.

A trip to Sicily can not rule out a visit in the greenest part of the island.
The mountains and the hills of the Nebrodi are rich of hazel woods, chestnut, olives and oak trees.