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Recommended Day Trips & Walks

A brief overview of the destinations easily accessible from our farm.

Tower Ciavole and Gliaca beach

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Beautiful beach with showers and views of the sixteenth-century tower Ciavole and the Aeolian Islands.


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Interesting historical center on the top of which stands the Lancia’s castle.
Several small beaches, both free and with factories, which are located across the street.


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Old estate country of the dukes Denti.
To visit the mother church with its catacombs and the viewpoint called “Guardiola" from where you can admire an unforgettable panorama that goes from.

Capo d'Orlando

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Small town with great shopping and night entertainment.
Rich in beaches and a small port.

Nebrodi Park

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The green lung of Sicily, meadows, streams, ponds, populated by wild animals.
Ideal for hiking, safari photography. Recommended for lovers of nature and the rural peace.
An excursion not to miss is a visit to the Lake Biviere.


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The route that we propose starts from the modern Patti and winds along the quarters from the nineteenth century, in the alleys of the medieval area until the d the Cathedral and the door of St. Michael, one of the five that opened up in the walls of the ancient city.
From here you go down to Patti Marina where you can visit the Villa Romana rich in mosaics and other vintage finds.


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The visitor will discover one of the most interesting natural landscape of Sicily.
To visit: the old town, the greek theater, and the Antiquarium, which keeps interesting finds.
We recommend a trip to the lakes of Marinello (park nature reserve).


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The Aeolian Islands can be reached from the port of Capo d'Orlando or from the port of Milazzo.
The “Seven Pearls of the Mediterranean" are among the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean.
Incredible white beaches of pumice stone.


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Salina is the most fertile of the Aeolian Islands.
Beautiful and unique beach of Pollara.


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The island's “glamor" of the Tyrrhenian Sea.


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The island of Vulcano is the allure of untamed nature. Curative thermal bath.


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The spectacle of daily eruptions of this volcano alone is worth a trip.
We recommend that you program your return by ferry in the evening, to enjoy more of this amazing natural event: the lava flowing into the sea.


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The small island of volcanic origin with its fertile land, untouched and wild.


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Defined paradise for divers and for those who love diving.


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From Antico Casale di Lisycon you can reach the volcano through the Park Nebrodi passing through forests and ancient paths of rare beauty.

Alcantara Valley

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A river of crystal clear water, which starts from the slopes of Etna reaching the sea.

Alcara Li Fusi

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Small medieval town famous for its many artisans who specialize in the creation of interesting carpets.
Also recommended the excursion to the nearby Grotta del Lauro.

Mannara 'ra Petra

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Ancient settlement of shepherds made ​​from enormous blocks of sandstone.
It can be reached by road from Montalbano Elicona to Randazzo.
Also known as “Mandurra Gesuittu".

Piano Croce: the tower

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Ancient fortified farm located in the town of Sant'Angelo.
Already owned by the noble Amato and Caldarera.
In the photos the details of the sandstone portal, the view of the Tower and the mask of an ancient sandstone fountain.

Castelluccio's peak

Once there was a Byzantine castle was completely destroyed by vandals in search of a treasure ever found.
Magnificent views of the Aeolian Islands and valleys that surround it.

Montagnareale's pinewood

From Sant'Angelo follow the road that leads to the district Barba, climb the hill and continue to the east.
The pine forest welcomes you with numerous places for a relaxing invigorating.

Pietra Zita

Nineteenth-century refuge of bandits reached on foot or by car from the center of the village of Sant'Angelo direction Ficarra.